Ground Floor Gallery

Ground Floor Gallery


131 antiquities are on display including Buddhist as well as Brahmanical sculptures. Other categories of antiquities are architectural fragments, terracotta figurines (human, animal & bird), toys, beads, etc. metallic weapons & implements, stone lamp & bowl, etc.





• Ganesha

• Loknath

• Navagraha

• Tara

• Tara (Broken)

• Composite Lion

• Surya

• Mahakal

• Avalokitesvara

• Architectural fragment




•Son of Lord Shiva and Parvati, regarded as adi-devata.

•God of prosperity & welfare and destroyer of all evils.

•Image carved as part of door frame architecture.

•Material Lime Stone.


• A form of Buddhist deity Avalokitesvara.

 • Seated in Ardhaparyanka asana over lotus throne.

 • Carvings of finer details noteworthy.

 • Material black basalt stone.


• Personification of the nine planets of Solar System.

• Symbols /Vahanas represented at the bottom of  respective deities.

• Material – black basalt stone.


• Most popular female deity in Buddhism.

• Goddess of wealth and prowess.

• Carved in high relief.

• Beautiful delineation of finer details of drapery and ornamentation.

• Material basalt stone.

Tara (Broken)

• Buddhist goddess of wealth and prowess.

• Carved in high relief.

• Excellent depiction of fine drapery and ornamentation.

• Seated over lotus throne in ardha paryanka asana.

• Remarkable lustrous polish.

• Material black basalt stone.

Composite Lion

• Two lions with a common head.

• Used as decoration in building architecture.

• Material basalt stone.


• Personification of the natural force of light as source of human life.

• Destroyer of darkness.

• Shown standing and holding fully bloomed lotus flower in both hands.


• A ferocious god worshipped in tantric Buddhism for destruction of enemies.

• Represented as pot bellied dwarf with heavy beards and moustaches with wide open month and visible large teeth.

• Holds a conch, skull, trident and bowl in his four hands.


• Most popular Buddhist male deity.

• Regarded as the god overlooking the world in all directions.

• Holds stack of a lotus flower.

• Material basalt stone.

Architectural fragment

• Used in door frame architecture.

• Massive single architectural piece indicating existence of grand structures.

• Very fine and intricate carvings indicating high degree of decoration of structures.

• Material sand stone.

Eastern Showcase

• Contains images of different deities from Buddhist as well as Hindu pantheons.

• Buddhist images consist of head of Buddha, head of Avalokitesvara, bust of Avalokitesvara, marichi, etc.

 • Hindu images are represented by images of Vishnu and Ganesha.

• The images are carved in different materials like basalt, red stone and lime stone.

Western Showcase

•Contains variety of terracotta objects.

•There are beads, rattles, ear studs, perforated pots, finials, animal figurines (lion, tortoise, dog, crocodile and elephant) and bird figurines (owl etc.)

Southern showcase

• Contains variety of terracotta objects.

• There are human heads and busts (male & female), Buddha in bhumisparsha mudra, images of Ganesha, mould/cast showing stupa, cluster of votive stupas, Buddha and Buddhist creed etc.


• Contains objects of mixed materials like terracotta, stone, iron, etc.

 • Terracotta objects are beads & wheels.

• Stone objects are lamp & bowl.

• Iron objects are dagger, sword, sickle, ring, nail, axe & shovel.